Tine Urnaut

Padova and Azimut Leo Shoes Modena play in a sold-out Kioene arena. The yellows start the match with Keemink as director (Christenson is out due to a knee problem), Zaytsev is in place two, side players are Bednorz and Urnaut, Holt and Anzani play in the middle, the libero is Salvatore Rossini. Coach Baldovin’s Padua team on the other side plays with the former Modena player Travica at dribbling, Torres as opposite, Polo and Volpato at the center, side players are Cirovic and Louati, the libero is Danani. Modena starts strong with 10-8 thanks to Keemink well managing his forward. The yellows are still ahead, 16-15 and the match is high level. Up to 26-27 it’s neck and neck, with Padua ahead. Padua wins the first set, 33-35.

Padova starts the second set with massive strength, with 2-6. Modena does not give up and balances at 9-9. The yellows are ahead up to 19-18. Azimut Leo Shoes Modena wins the second set at 25-23, it’s 1-1. During the third set Modena immediately runs fast, 11-6. Azimut Leo Shoes continues, 18-11. Modena closes the set at 25-16, it‘s 2-1. At the fourth set, both teams score a point after the other, it’s 11-12 with Padua ahead. Both teams do not give up, 21-20. Padova closes the fourth set at 23-25, it’s tie-break. Modena closes the set 22-20 and wins the match with 3-2.