Micah Christenson

A sold-out AGSM Forum welcomes the match between Velasco's Modena and Nikola Grbic's Verona in an ultimate challenge for the regular season final classification. Azimut Leo Shoes Modena starts the match with Christenson as director, Zaytsev as opposite, Bednorz and Urnaut as side players, Holt and Mazzone in the center, Salvatore Rossini as libero. Verona begins the match with Spirito-Boyer, Manavi and Kaziyski as side-players, Solè and Alletti in the center, De Pandis as libero.

A very strong start for Modena with Zaytsev at service, 6-3 and the yellows distance themselves from Verona. Modena keeps pushing and reaches 16-12 with Christenson, who manages his team in the best possible way forward. Azimut Leo Shoes increases the gap, it's 20-13. The first set ends at 25-15 with an overwhelming Modena. In the second set the play is very tight, 9-9. The yellows place the break, 13-10 with Modena playing a very good volleyball. Christenson and teammates are coming on in, 18-14 and then 22-17. Modena ends the second set 25-20 and the match is at 2-0. In the third set, Modena starts ahead and sets immediately a gap, 17-15 with Bednorz and Zaytsev playing unbridled. Verona is back behind and the end of the partial is at 21-19. Grbic’s guys end the set at 23-25, and the match is at 2-1. In the fourth set  Verona plays a great start, like at the end of the previous one, Modena remains close to the Scaligeris, 8-8. Verona places two other breaks in getting to 13-17. The Scaligeris remain ahead and also win the fourth set at 25-19, it is a tie-break. Modena imposes their victory at 15-12 and wins the match with the fourth rank in the regular season. On Saturday at 6.00 pm the yellows will play at home against Milan in match one of the playoff quarter-finals.