Leo Shoes Modena is ready to face Vital Heynen’s Sir Safety Conad Perugia. The first leg of the quarterfinals will take place tomorrow at the PalaPanini, where Coach Giani’s team will try its first attempt to enter the CEV Volleyball Champions League semifinals against Perugia’s team, which is considered a favorite to win the tournament.
On Saturday Modena Volley won a three-setter match against Ravenna on its run for the quarterfinals of the Playoffs of its own league.

Coach Giani will be able to count on all his players, thanks to the comeback of Daniele Lavia and Tommaso Rinaldi from their injuries. Micah Christenson and his teammates are going to try their best to stand in the way of Perugia and win the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals.

Coach Giani (Leo Shoes Modena): We played a lot of times against Perugia and we are very aware of their strenghts and weaknesses. We expect a long battle with the Sir Safety, we know we must do extraordinary things on the court and we will try our best to stop Leon and his team mates”.