An audience of 4.000 people welcomes Coppa Italia's quarter finals between Leo Shoes Modena and Consar Ravenna. Modena starts with Christenson as setter, Zaytsev is the opposite, Bednorz and Anderson outside-spikers, Bossi and Mazzone middle-blockers, Rossini is the Libero. Saitta-Vernon, , Lavia - Ter Horst, Cortesia-Grozdanov and Kovacic is the starting six for the guests.

The match is really tense since the very first serve, and the first set is balanced between the two teams. Modena strikes the first break 10-7 showing a solid side-out. Coach Giani's team stays ahead and wins the first set 26-24.

Modena starts to push full speed ahead in the second set: Anderson'serve is terrific, 8-1. Just after Anderson it comes Bednorz's chance to prove his serving skills: it's 19-8, then Modena locks down the second set 25-13. 

Ravenna doesn't give up during the third set but Modena is on fire and keeps pushing. The battle ends up with a perfect 3-0 for the hosting team. 


Coach Giani (Leo Shoes Modena): "Abbiamo giocato bene, non vedo l'ora di giocarmi questa Final Four. In allenamento stiamo dando priorità un pochino diverse, possiamo essere ancora più efficienti ma siamo sulla strada giusta. Molto contento della possibilità di rotazione che la squadra mi sta dando, valuterò qualche rotazione tenendo comunque il focus sulla vittoria perché è importantissimo non perdere punti in Superlega."