First name




Birth place

Chieri (TO)





Marital status



Scientific high school


Goals in life and in sport

In life to form a beautiful family, in sport to win as much as possible

What would you like to win by playing volleyball?

Next Olympics

What is volleyball for you?

The sport I love

Your top game / your flop match

I do not keep track neither of top matches, nor of flops

Your most beautiful season: where, with which shirt?

As for now, it was last year in Trento, even though I hope this season can be even better

Your favorite shirt number? Does it have a meaning?

Number 18 has many meanings that I have unveiled to very few

The coach who discovered you?

Every coach I had taught me a lot and I think there is still so much to discover

How and where did you start playing?

I started in Chieri in the seventh grade because some classmates played volleyball

Your favorite coach until now?



What do you like?

Living by doing what I love

What don’t you like?

To lose

What do you do in your spare time? Hobby?

Every so often I read (lately less), I often go to the cinema, visit the cities in which I play

Animals: Dog or cat?


Favorite movie?


Favorite actor?

Bruce Willis

Favorite actress?

Scarlett Johansson

Music in your iPod?


Favorite singer / group?

 Dream Theater

Favorite track?

Octavarium (Dream Theater)

Book or play station?


Title of the last read book?

The Lean StartUp (Eric Ries)

Title of your most played game?

I never play

Family / sporty car?


Which car do you drive at home?

Seat Leon

Manual or automatic transmission?

Manual transmission

Do you cook?

I can cook a few dishes only

If so, which dish do you cook best?

Pasta with Carbonara sauce (bacon and egg)

Favorite dish at home or at the restaurant?

Prawns with sauce, by my sister-in-law

What will you do when you grow up?

I do not know yet. I read also to answer this question


I try, but I have ample room for improvement


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