First name


Place of birth
Cagnes sur Mer


Tillie, La Tile

Marital status: Married? Children? How many?
Married with Anna, parents to a fur princess called Cali

Bachelor of Sociology at UC Irvine


Goals in life and sports
Travelling and winning the Gold at the Olympics

What would you like to win by playing volleyball?
The Olympics and the Superlega championship

What is volleyball for you?
Volleyball is basically my life. It also allowed me to travel around the world and to have amazing experiences that few people have been through.

Your top game
Final Four Polish Cup 2017

Your flop match
Final Polish Cup 2017

Your most beautiful season: where and with which shirt?

2015 with the French National Team:
- Gold medal at World League
- European Championship
Also Turkish Championship with Izmir

Your favourite shirt number? Does it have a meaning?
Number 7 because my dad and mum wore number 7. They were my influence in sport, my role models.

The coach who discovered you?

My mum!!! :)

How and where did you start playing?
Probably at the beach in Falconara, but really in club with friends from school in my hometown

Your fave coach until now?
I would get in trouble if I don't say my dad... :)
Also John Speraw was awesome



What do you like? 
Basketball (watching my brothers play), traveling with Anna and getting cuddles from my cat Cali

What you don't like?
Not getting cuddles from my cat Cali :(
My brothers losing matches
Being away from Anna

What do you do in your spare time? Hobbies?
Everything that I said I liked. But also going to the beach, snorkeling, eating, traveling, and taking pictures.

Animals: Cat or dog?

Cats, but really Cali

Favourite movie?
Batman, Inception... too many movies I like

Fave actor?
Leonardo Di Caprio

Fave actress?
Emma Stone

Music in your Ipod?
Drake, Ed Sheeran and Jazz

Fave singer/band?
Ed Sheeran, and Earvin Ngapeth :)

Fave track?

Machine Gun Funk - B.I.G.

Book or playstation?
Nintendo :)

Title of the last book you read?

"The subtle art of not giving a F*ck"

Title of the most played game?
Mario Kart or Pokemon

Family/sporty car?
Family car so I can bring all my shoes and clothes with me when I travel

Which car do you own?
Peugeot 2008 white

Manual or automatic trasmission?

Do you cook?

My wife Anna does. I can only make pasta

If so, which dish do you cook best?
"Penne al fumè"

Favourite dish at home or restaurant? 

What are you going to do when you grow up?
I will travel a lot!!

Modena is…… Full of food!!!


Instagram: Kevintillie7