Having a quarterfinal ticket at stake Leo Shoes Modena opened the game confidently. With great play directed by setter Micah Christenson they jumped to three-point-lead. Verva Warszawa Orlen Paliwa levelled the score for a short while at 15-15 and 19-19, but then the hosts took control of the scoreboard. Two great serves from Karlitzek closed the opener. Warszawa started next part slight better with two-point-advantage, but the game was continued on point-by-point basis and one-point-lead was changing back and forth. The nail-biting battle in the decisive part, after denying two set points for Modena, Warszawa used their first chance closing the set. The hosts returned on court highly motivated starting from 4-1 lead, but Warszawa tied at 6-6. Then, Modena quickly gained a solid advantage (15-10) committing less own mistakes, although Verva chased the score it was enough for the hosts to take it in their favour. Verva were not even thinking about giving up. With spectacular plays from Kwolek and Nowakowski and their terrific block Warszawa broke away with 14-9 lead remaining ahead to get a set win. Tie-break was a true battle of nerves, Warszawa were showing their very best with Kwolek who was their undisputed leader achieving 10-6 lead. Modena tried to change the score, but Verva Warszawa withstood a pressure emerging victorious this clash.

- Moritz Karlitzek came in for serve at 23-20 scoring ace, once after his second great serve directly returning to their side from Verva's reception was immediately killed by Daniele Mazzone.
- Thrilling decisive part of set 2 - first two set points for Modena saved by Warszawa, then the Polish club used their first opportunity to close this part.
- Modena won third set with only 37% of efficiency in attack.
- Bartosz Kwolek's show in fourth set - 8 points and 100% of success in attack.
- Kwolek was in a class of his own, he scored as many as 25 points - 22 winning spikes and 3 blocks! In addition - 53% of positive receptions and 59% of efficiency in attack!
- Daniele Mazzone was a top scorer of Modena with 14 points.
- Warszawa outblocked Modena, winning in this skill 10-5.
- It's the first victory over any Italian team for Verva WARSZAWA led by Italian coach Andrea Anastasi, a former player of Modena.
- Both teams have the same record of 4 wins and 1 loss, with Modena leading by one point. Thursday's games will be decisive, both have to win their games to progress to quarterfinals.