Giulio Pinali

A Palapanini with almost 4.000 supporters hosts the third Champions League’s tournament of Pool B, which sees Azimut Modena Volley against Karlovasco. Modena begins the match with Keemink-Pianli, outside hitters are Urnaut and Berdnorz, Van der Ent and Mazzone are the middle blockers, and Rossini’s the libero. Cez Karlovasko begins with Hudece, O'Dea, Rejlek, Zmrhal, Patocka, Van Haarlem, Pfeffer and Beer. During the first set the match is balanced between the 2 teams, Modena struggles a little, but closes the set 26-24. The home team starts the second set on fire, with a super Pinali, the Palapanini supports its players and pushes them forward until 25-22. On the third set Modena goes quickly 8-3, than it’s 15-9. Modena closes the set 25-17 , the match 3-0, gains 3 points and the second placement of the Pool B with 6 points, behind Civitanova.