Ivan Zaytsev

A sold-out PalaPanini and the supporter's wonderful choreopgraphy welcome Playoffs semifinal match 2 between Velasco's Modena Volley and Bernardi’s Perugia. The Azimut Leo Shoes Modena walks the court with Christenson as setter, Zaytsev as opposite, Bednorz and Urnaut as side-players, Holt and Mazzone as middleblockers and Rossini is libero. Perugia starts with De Cecco, Atanasijevic, Podrascanin and Ricci, Leon and Lanza, Colaci as libero.

The match is tense since the very first serve, and the first set is balanced between the two teams. Perugia strikes a break and stays ahead until 19-25. Second set starts like a reproduction of the first one, but it starts to be very hot inside the PalaPanini as Modena Volley changes rythm and goes 18-19, with Kaliberda that sets the ball for Urnaut. Modena Volley applies the signal and closes the set 25-22. Modena also wins the third set 25-22. Fourth set is extremely intense, 11-12 then 21-23 with Perugia’s team signing the break point. It’s 23-25 and tie break. Modena closes the 5th set 15-9 and wins match 2.

Ivan Zaytsev: "Abbiamo fatto una grande gara davanti a un grandissimo pubblico, abbiamo rimesso la serie in parità e, come abbiamo sempre detto, sappiamo che saranno cinque gare difficilissime. Andiamo a Perugia per vincere e portarci avanti 2-1. Il PalaPanini? Di un bello da non credere"