First name




Birth place





Simo / Anza

Marital status: Married? Children? How many?



Physical education in Verona

Goals in life and in sport


What would you like to win by playing volleyball?

The Olympics!

What is volleyball for you?

Passion, fun and sacrifice

Your top game

Italian Cup Finals 2018
Your flop match…

Challenge Cup Semifinal, Verona - Benfica

Your most beautiful season: where, with which shirt?

Hoping to repeat it, season 2017-18, triplete in Perugia


Your favorite shirt number? Does it have a meaning?

Number 17, in Willy’s, my best friend, honour,!

The coach who discovered you?

The current Cantù trainer in A2 Series, Fabio Taiana

How and where did you start playing?

I was playing in the high school team and so I decided to try volleyball at Yaka Volley, in the province of Como
Your favorite coach until now?

Andrea Giani and Lollo Bernardi 



What do you like?

Fine food and wine tasting

What don’t you like?

Ivan Zaytsev (he laughs while he writes it down, Editor’s Note)

What do you do in your spare time? Hobby?

I think about not thinking at all

Animals: Dog or cat?

Dog, but also the cat is sweet

Favorite movie?

Any Given Sunday

Favorite actor?

Tom Hardy
Favorite actress?

Charlize Theron
Music in your iPod?

I pay Spotify :P
Favorite singer / group?

Van Des Pros, but just because he is from Como haha

Favorite track?

Perfect, Ed Sheeran
Book or play station?

Audio book while I am playing at the playstation :)

Title of the last read book?

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Title of your most played game?


Family / sporty car?

Sporty for the moment

Which car do you drive at home?

Panda 1000... no! BMW Serie 4 cabrio

Manual or automatic transmission?

Automatic, forever!

Do you cook?


If so, which dish do you cook best?

Any type of risotto

What will you do when you grow up?

If you give me your suggestion, I would be very happy :P


Modena is ... UNIQUE!