Modena Volley is not just a Sport Club. We are a Volleyball Team.

Our sport is very different from those on which the limelight is laid. Volleyball is a sport where the team as a whole counts more than the individual players. It’s a sport where nobody can spike if there isn’t someone who lifts the ball, and nobody can lift it without someone who digs it. Nobody can stop the ball.

Together, we are a team. A team made by some of the best players in the world. Together. In the very 9 by 9 square where we all must play as one. The square where we all win or lose,

We stand up for sport values and social responsibility. We stand up for sportsmanship and respect because our sport should be kept clean.

We support innovation, because the future of our sport must pass through renewal and change.

We are Modena. Our city had written and keeps writing thrilling pages within volleyball history and our honors and achievements titles are there to prove it. This city has a team. That's us.