Established in 1985, PalaPanini started its history with four Italian Championships won in a row by the legendary team Panini Modena.
The hall has a capacity of 5211 seats, divided into 2 floors. Play court floor contains eight retractable tribunes for a total of 1500 seats, while the top floor contains about 3700 seats. The visual is excellent from any seat.

For journalists, about 100 seats are reserved along the shorter court sides. There’s also a central tribune in the upper floor, connected to ISDN and ADSL wireless phone lines. Moreover, a large press room is available for conferences, pre/post match interviews and writing.
VIP Tribunes, placed in front of the first referee, are equipped with comfortable blue lined seats and are reserved to sponsors and accredited people: just behind VIP tribunes there’s the Hospitality Area with a rich buffet. The Sports Hall provides a well equipped gym and fitness room for athletes and technical staff.

PalaPanini also has excellent acoustics and advertising technologies, with a full-stack console for managing music, giant screens and LED system. Before and after the match, as well as during time-outs, the audience can enjoy excellent music and video animations.
Modena Volley offices are placed in the Sport Hall. In the external perimeter there are tennistable, fencing, judo, martial arts training halls. The Hall hosts a brand new sports medicine center as well.

PalaPanini Sports Hall is easily reachable from Modena ring road (”tangenziale”):
• from A1 highway arriving from Bologna: take Modena Sud exit, then turn right for 7 km up to the ring road crossing, then turn right again. 1 km later (after crossing with via Emilia) follow the exit on the right and then turn left following directions for the mall “I Portali”.
• from A1 highway, arriving from Milan/Verona: take Modena Nord exit, then turn right following directions for the ring road and then the overbridge for entering the ring road with direction Bologna. 5 km later, take the exit on the right near the mall “I Portali”.

The Hall is surrounded by wide parking lots where it’s easy to find a place for your car.