First name


Birth place

Slovenj Gradec


Physical education

Goals in life and in sport

Being happy and win anything I can.


What would you like to win by playing volleyball?

As first, the Italian Cup, then the Championship and I want to win the Champions League.

What is volleyball for you?

My life

Your top game

The Champions League Final

Your flop match

When I was in Arkas Izmir against Trento

Your most beautiful season: where, with which shirt?

Olympiacos in Greece


Your favorite shirt number? Does it have a meaning?

Number 17

The coach who discovered you?

My dad

How and where did you start playing?

In my town, with the Fuzinar team

Your favorite coach until now?

It is difficult to choose a coach, I was lucky to work with many very good ones and I learned from each of them. Among those who mostly influenced my career and from which I learned most, I can mention Rado Stoychev,  Andrea Giani and Chicco Blengini



What do you like?


What don’t you like?


What do you do in your spare time? Hobby?

I fish, I go out with my friends

Animals: Dog or cat?

I like both of them, but until now I only had a dog

Favorite movie?

A beautiful mind

Favorite actor?

Russel Crowe

Favorite actress?

Angelina Jolie

Music in your iPod?

Any type of music, especially that from the Balcans
Favorite singer / group?

Oliver Dragojevic

Favorite track?

Cesarice - Oliver Dragojevic

Book or play station?

It depends on the moment, a book while I am travelling, playstation at home

Title of the last read book?

The way of the peaceful warrior

Title of your most played game?

Call of duty

Family / sporty car?

Porsche Panamera

Which car do you drive at home?


Manual or automatic transmission?


Do you cook?

I prefer if somebody cooks for me:)

If so, which dish do you cook best?

A nice Tine Chicken Breast, with spices :P

Favorite dish: at home or at the restaurant? 
Octupus baked


What will you do when you grow up?

Perhaps coaching, but for sure fishing :P


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