Modena Volley is not just a Sport Club. We are a Volleyball Team.

It is a different sport from those on which everyday dazzling reflectors of individual celebration are always on. It is a sport where the team is much more important than the single player. It is a sport in which nobody can spike if nobody lifts the ball. Nobody can lift the ball if nobody receives it. It is a sport where nobody can stop the ball.

Together, we are a team. A team with some of best players in the world. Together. In the same 9x9 square where all of us have to learn to move sinchronically. The square where together we win or lose.

We are for sport ethics and for social responsibility. We believe in fair-play and in respect of rules because sport for us is a clean thing.

We are for innovation because we believe that sport future shall go through changement and renovation. Therefore, we believe in young people.

We are Modena. Our city made volleyball history and this reflects in our prize list. This city has a team. It is us.