Leon (Perugia)

PalaPanini is sold-out for the umpteenth time sold-out, with extraordinary choreographies welcoming the match between Velasco’s Modena and the Perugia team, coached by the former Modena player Lorenzo Bernardi in a fascinating challenge both inside and outside the field. Azimut Leo Shoes Modena begins the match with Christenson as director, Zaytsev as opposite, Bednorz and Urnaut as side-players, Holt and Anzani as centers, Salvatore Rossini as libero. Perugia starts the match with De Cecco as director, Atanasijevic as opposite, Podracsanin and Ricci as middle players, Leon and Lanza as side-players, Colaci as libero. The match is very tight right from the start, both teams score a point after the other, it’s 15-12 and PalaPanini’s audience get loud. Modena, like Perugia, plays a high level match and gets the break, it’s 18-16. Azimut Leo Shoes Modena closes the first set  at 25-23. The second set is one score after the other, without respite, until 9-9. Perugia is leading at 15-17. Leon and his colleagues are uncontrollable, the second partial is 18-25 for Perugia and sets are 1-1. In the third part, Perugia increases their score immediately, it’s 5-8 and Modena is struggling. Sir is not willing to slow down, indeed, they increase their pace, it’s 13-17. Perugia closes the set at 20-25 and the match is at 1-2. In the fourth set Perugia starts very strong, then Modena raises its head, it’s 13-15. The Umbrians close the set  at 21-25 and the match at 1-3.

Julio Velasco (Azimut Leo Shoes Modena):"Regret? There is always some, when you lose. I cannot resign myself to the fact that we are not able to win and I will not resign myself until the last match of this championship. It is clear that we are talking about the top team of the league ... certain services by Leon and Atanisijevic created many problems. As we said, we must think about the defense and not just the reception, only this can make the difference. We started our struggle after the second set "