The last #CLVolleyM Match of the Week in 2020 started very promising with competitive first set. Even if Leo Shoes MODENA were several times few points ahead, Verva WARSZAWA Orlen Paliwa constantly erased it to keep up the pace. From 17-17, MODENA won three points in a row and it this was a decisive for a fate of this part. WARSZAWA tried their best, but it was impossible to stop MODENA. Winning serve from Micah Christienson closed the set.

First part was like a wind in MODENA's sails. They dominated on the court earning impressive lead 12-4 and WARSZAWA struggled to find an answer to this situation. MODENA kept on running with the score reaching a maximum advantage of ten points (18-8), Andrea Anastasi made several substitutions, but it was not enough, the Italian club won this set 25-17.

Staying on court with changed roster with Ziobrowski as opposite and Trinidad as setter, WARSZAWA looked much better. With slight advantage they stay ahead in the first phase of the third set. Andrea Giani's squad didn't want to repeat the story from Tuesday, when they lost third part prolonging the game. Team efforts levelled the score at 12-12 and then a point-by-point race started until 19-19, when MODENA earned two consecutive rallies. WARSZAWA reduced the gap at 23-23, but after time-out called by Giani his team improved, even if the first match point was denied, an ace from Daniele Lavia gave MODENA the second victory in Pool D and a leader position in the standings.

“Siamo stati bravi a mettere pressione a Varsavia, con i loro ingressi hanno alzato il livello e abbiamo vinto al fotofinish, è importante per trovare ancor più sicurezza. Abbiamo fatto una buona parte di stagione in emergenza totale, poi c’è stato un calo fisiologico, ma nessuno ha pensato ad altro se non a lavorare e a migliorare e la tendenza è cambiata. Noi dobbiamo proseguire sulla nostra strada, domani dobbiamo fare una super partita”