First name




Birth place

Honolulu, HI




Micah (Ja-Maicah)

Marital status: Married? Children? How many?

Married with 1 child


Biology and Business


Goals in life and in sport


What would you like to win by playing volleyball?

The Gold Medal at the Olympics, the Championship and Champions League with Modena

What is volleyball for you?

It is the sport I like to practice


Your top game

I don’t remember!

Your flop match

As above :)

Your favorite shirt number? Does it have a meaning?

Number 11, but it has no particular meaning

The coach who discovered you?

My mum and dad :)

How and where did you start playing?

At home playing "balloon volleyball"

Your favorite coach until now?

All of them!




What do you like?

The time I spend with my family

What don’t you like?


What do you do in your spare time? Hobby?

I go out with my family, I walk a lot and I go out on the beach
Animals: Dog or cat?


Favorite movie?

The Other Guys

Favorite actor?

Will Ferrel

Favorite actress?

I have none
Music in your iPod?

Country, Reggae, Rap, R'nB, Gospel
Favorite singer / group?

One Direction :)
Favorite track?

Your Song - Elton John
Book or play station?

Nintendo Switch!!

Title of your last read book?

Baby wish ahah

Title of your most played game?


Family / sporty car?

Camion :P

Which car do you drive at home?

I have none :(
Manual or automatic transmission?


Do you cook?

Yes, I like it very much!

If so, which dish do you cook best?

Parmisan crusted chicken and grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce

Favorite dish at home or at the restaurant?

My mother’s fried rice :)

What will you do when you grow up?

I do not know yet

Social Accounts

Facebook: Micah Christenson
Instagram: mchristenson5

Modena is ... Volleyball!